Miss Addy


Sometimes you go into something just knowing you’re gonna have a great time. My shoot with Addy was certainly one of those times. I had never worked with her before, but I quickly discovered that Addy has a deep, quiet energy that lends itself to focused intensity. Addy arrived for the shoot about 2:00PM and brought some of the coolest props. We shot at two locations and took a few hundred shots. We didn’t stop shooting until after 10:00PM. As is always the case when I’m shooting, the time flew by! While there were many images that I liked, I think my favorite of the day is the one used for the cover of this post. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to get all the shots we were hoping for, but we promised each other we would soon schedule another shoot to capture everything on the hit-list. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Addy and I’m really looking forward to our next shoot. More to come…




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