Last fall, my wife and I traveled to the east coast for vacation and sight-seeing purposes. I shared some of the trip highlights in a post you can read here. The other night I was browsing through the images I had taken on the trip and discovered this one. This particular image was taken near the Charlestown Navy Yard in downtown Boston. Our hotel was very close to the Navy yard and I had the opportunity to take morning walks before busy crowds emerged. In the early morning hours, this part of town is surprisingly tranquil. Each morning a fresh harbor mist covers the tree lined streets. As the morning hours give way, the peaceful streets become ever crowded with tourists, sailors and local shop owners.

Boston is wonderfully scenic and replete with U.S. history. Being there is an incredible experience. The sights and local culture are amazing. You can spend weeks there and never do the same thing twice. If you haven’t visited Boston for yourself, make sure it’s on your bucket list.


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